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What’s initiative muscle, you ask?

You don’t know it yet, but initiative muscle is what you’ve come to The Intern Hustle to build. It’s me, coaching you, to take action.

  • Action to establish your personal brand, and showcase it with confidence
  • Action to send the email, pick up the phone and network with that person holding your dream job
  • Action to master how to get an internship with no experience
  • Action to hustle as an intern now, so that you can graduate with a career path already mapped out for you later

Muscle building is multifaceted, and it can be frustrating if you don’t know how to do it effectively.

(Humor me and let me put my Exercise Science degree to use for a second.)

You don’t just lift weights a few times and have the swimsuit bod of your dreams. You follow a training program that guides you through all the actions you must consistently take in order to get your desired results — prescribed weight, sets and reps, optimal protein intake, proper recovery, etc.

You get the point. Getting the internship of your dreams may not require physical muscle, but it definitely requires initiative muscle.

That’s where I come in. I’m going to help you build that muscle. I’m going to help you take control of your future, one internship at a time.

Why me? I’ve personally done it. Multiple times. You can read my story here. 

I’m confident that you can land the internships, and experience the same success I have, once you know where to start, commit to taking action and get a little coaching from me along the way. (I’m not coaching you on the one-arm push-ups, btw. Although, who knows…maybe someday!)


how to get an internship
the complete guide

A great place for you to kick off your internship journey.

I gathered all of my best advice and resources on how to get an internship, in one place, so that you don’t have to waste valuable time searching for it yourself.

As I create more resources for you, I update the guide. Bookmark the page and visit again and again!

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resume review
(+ linkedin too)

Want to fast track your application readiness with a second set of eyes on your resume and LinkedIn profile?

Set yourself up for success with a 1:1 coaching session. I’ll review your resume and LinkedIn profile and then give you my insights and edits to optimize both. You’ll be one step closer to landing the internships on your wish list.

Stop wasting time you’ll never get back. Let’s partner up to put your best foot forward.


why i created the intern hustle:
the course

If you want to get serious about setting yourself up for success after graduation, then you need to get serious about your internships now.

I built The Course to help you take control of your future. An online program with over 20 video lessons, and a step-by-step action plan to help you navigate internships and launch.

Learn how to get an internship with no experience by building your personal brand, networking with intention, and finding the best internship opportunities for you. Then master how to operate like a professional and convert your internship experience into future opportunities — who knows, maybe even a job offer! I coach you every step of the way.


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