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How to secure an internship

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but The Course is launching this. freaking. month. Almost a year ago I left my corporate career to pursue my dream of helping college students take control of their future…and it’s happening!

I get emails from students asking about the process of finding and securing internships. And while I put out a ton of free content, here on the blog and also on my YouTube channel, it is time to give the people what they want!

The Course is an online program that is smartly designed to guide you through the internship process from start to finish. You no longer have to piece it all together and try to figure it out on your own. Once you sign up you will receive a new module, each week over a four-week period, containing sequential video lessons with corresponding tools and action guides (to help you take action).

In addition, you’ll get weekly live Q&A sessions with me and a community of students from all over to network with for inspiration and accountability. Because it’s always nice to know there are other people on this journey with you and supporting you every step of the way.

And want to know the best part? Once you sign up you have lifetime access to The Course (and any upgrades I make to it along the way). That means you can go back and binge-watch all of the lessons at anytime for a little inspo, you can revisit specific action guides for a deep dive, and (my favorite part) you are forever a part of this community of intentional go-getters.

I’ve dropped little mentions of The Course here and there, and yes there is a high-level overview of it on this website, but I thought it was about time I shared a little more on what’s inside. So drum roll please….I’m pulling back the curtains and walking you through all four modules of The Course.

Module 1 – Polish Your Brand

Module 1 is designed to help you define and present a polished version of yourself to the world…across all platforms. Online – which is so much of the world we live in today, IRL – the important face to face connections, and the tangible – think resumes, cover letters and all of that fun stuff.

The goal is to help you get a clearer picture of who you are and how you want to show up in the world. Once you learn how to tell your story in a meaningful way and show up with confidence, employers will have a lot more confidence in choosing you for an internship.

The Course starts here because refining your brand, establishing confidence, and showing up in a respectable way, is exactly the base you need in order to successfully navigate the rest of your intern hustle journey. Identify your strengths, learn how to pitch yourself and polish up your materials, because you’re going to need it all for Module 2.

Module 2 – Secure The Internship

Module 2 is designed to help you get out of your own way and intentionally secure the internship. Or internships, because as you know, I recommend getting more than one internship while you’re in college. I’m going to take you from the planning and research phase all the way through to the application and interview process, plus give you a great tool to track it all.

The hardest part sometimes is just getting started. So I’m giving you the framework for where and how to start in your internship search, and showing you what it takes to get you across the finish line. The first finish line that is, which is getting the internship. The action guides in this module are jam packed with all of the actions I took to secure my internships, plus even more intuitive tools that I would have loved to have on my journey.

Just imagine how good it will feel to plan ahead and know you have an internship waiting for you. And to build up your professional network in the process. But of course, securing the internship is only half the battle, you need to be your best intern self during the internship to make it all worthwhile. It’s a good thing you have Module 3 for that.

Module 3 – Operate Like A Pro

I believe in the importance of Module 3 so much that I almost did an entire course on how to operate like a pro. I’ve been on both sides of the equation. I’ve been the intern, and I’ve been the person managing the intern. Plus I’ve spent more than a decade in a variety of professional settings. I’m applying everything I know to coach you on how to operate as a professional, manage your internship responsibilities, and impress the people you work with, not piss them off.

If you’re going after your first (or even second) internship, a professional work environment is likely a foreign place for you. It’s not like college. It’s not like the majority of your high school jobs. It’s a real world mosh pit of office culture, coworker personalities, technologies, policies & procedures and so much more. And each internship and professional setting will bring about its own unique learning curve.

So I’m here to help shorten that learning curve. Giving you the insights you need so that you don’t go in blind on day one. Walking you through communication etiquette and time management best practices so that you don’t miss a beat. And teaching you how to create opportunities for yourself so that you maximize this internship experience and set yourself up for a proper finale in Module 4.

Module 4 – Close The Loop

Module 4 is the final module of The Course, and its purpose is to teach you the importance of follow through and building lasting relationships with people. How can you keep in touch with your professional contacts, what should you be doing to pay it forward, and how do you maximize what you learn in each and every internship? Did you do what you set out to do?

Internships are great for teaching you what you like, but they are even better for teaching you what you don’t like. So once you get to this point, it’s time to reflect back on the internship and use your experience to clarify your intentions going forward. And I’ve said it before, but learn to embrace the pivot.

I’m going to help you tie a bow on your internship experience and show you the importance of not letting off the gas now that it’s done. Now is the time to nurture your network, update your brand and attack your future. The momentum is on your side.

So what do ya say? Are you going to join me and a bunch of other intentional go-getters in The Course? I can’t wait! Follow and stay tuned to The Intern Hustle’s Instagram for updates as I get closer to The Course’s official launch date. And as always, for insider access and announcements, get yourself on the weekly newsletter. You won’t be sorry. In less you wait until after I launch The Course, and then you might be…because the folks that are subscribed to my newsletter are in for some special launch surprises. Here’s to taking control of your future!

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