My Intern Hustle: Elizabeth E., University of Wisconsin-Madison & Marquette University Law School

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Dating back to my college days, sports law has always been an interest of mine. There are a handful of law schools that specialize in sports law throughout the country. They tailor their programming for students interested in the field, enabling them to maximize their education and rapidly expand their network. Marquette University Law School is one of those schools, and today’s #myinternhustle feature is a proud grad. After completing her undergraduate degrees at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Elizabeth went on to pursue a career in athletics compliance, holding multiple NCAA compliance internships during her time at Marquette University Law School. Read on to learn more about her experience.

Name: Elizabeth Ehrmann

Education: University of Wisconsin-Madison, Major: Economics and French, 2013 & Marquette University Law School, Sports Law Certificate, 2016

Did you have a dream job or specific career path in mind when you started college? If yes, what was it?

Not when I started college, but I did start law school with the intention of going into athletics compliance.

What internship(s) were a part of your Intern Hustle?

  • Summer 2014: Iowa State University Compliance Dept.
  • May 2015 – November 2016: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Compliance Dept.
  • July 2016 – May 2018: University of Wisconsin-Madison Compliance Dept.

How did you get your internship(s)?

Networking and just asking for what I wanted. Most people will take free help if you offer.  🙂

Name the top three highlights from your Intern Hustle.

  1. Attending sporting events, after having assisted athletes you personally know, is very rewarding and a huge highlight of the job.
  2. It was great once I finally had some responsibility for my own project areas, and I could really show what I was capable of.
  3. For my first internship, I moved out of the state of Wisconsin for the first time ever and that gave me the courage to start a job in a city where I didn’t know anyone.

What is one of the biggest challenges you faced during an internship and what did you learn from it?

Sometimes there would be lulls in work and things that my superiors needed done, making it challenging to consistently find things to do. However, that gave me ideas on initiatives I could take on, and I was able to go above and beyond what was expected.

What is the most unexpected skill you gained from an internship?

People skills and dealing with all types of personalities. I didn’t realize how many people I would deal with on a day-to-day basis and how different each of their roles and wants/needs would be. Working with a student athlete is very different than working with the athletic director, so managing those relationships was very important.

What internship advice do you have for college students?

Ask for projects and experiences that you want to get out of the internship. I know some internships can be about mundane tasks, but ask to sit in on the meeting or do a first draft of something before your boss does it. It will give you the opportunity to learn, and many people will be impressed by your desire to better yourself.

Did your desired career path shift at all based on your internship experience(s)? If yes, in what way?

Having my internships only solidified what I thought I wanted, but without them I wouldn’t have known if I was on the right or wrong course.

Were you offered a job as a result of your Intern Hustle? Tell us about it!

Yes, my former supervisor told me about a possible opening at Cleveland State University. I applied on her advice, and I just started working there!

Anything else you’d like to share about your Intern Hustle?

If you really want the job, keep at it. I was an unpaid intern for a year out of law school and then was a part-time paid intern for a while too. Sometimes it will feel like it isn’t going anywhere, but stick it out and you will love your job!

And for the final question…What’s your party trick?

I worked at Kate Spade for a while to supplement my internship income, so I have become known for my colorful clothing and crazy purses from my job there. I have been known to show up to a party with a purse that looks like a bucket of champagne.

(Yes! I love me some colorful Kate Spade! My closet contains a pair of bright green Kate Spade heels, but you have me beat with the champagne purse.)

If you’re interested in sports law, Marquette University Law School has one of the nation’s leading programs. To learn more about the program, and the types of internship opportunities the program can lead to, click here.

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My Intern Hustle: Elizabeth E., University of Wisconsin-Madison & Marquette University Law School

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