Resume Review (+ LinkedIn Too)

1:1 coaching to fast track your application readiness

Want to make sure your resume is updated and ready to go when your next opportunity arises?

Work with me one-on-one to revamp your resume & LinkedIn now, so that you never miss…

 > another internship application deadline,

 > timely follow-up with a new professional contact, 

 > or a fun night out with your friends

…because you were scrambling to revamp your resume & LinkedIn when it’s already too late.

You should sign up for a session if…

You’re ready to get intentional about your future and attract new professional opportunities.

 You have a first draft of your resume and LinkedIn profile, but want to optimize them both and step up your game.

 You desire to have a consistent personal brand across all tangible and digital platforms.

 You have skills to highlight, but aren’t sure how to tailor them on your resume for a specific internship or job you’re interested in applying for.

 You’re sick of getting passed over for opportunities because you don’t know how to present yourself professionally.



You should NOT sign up for a session if…


 You know you need to get an internship, but aren’t interested in putting in the work necessary to get one any time soon. You’ll just wing it and hope for the best.

 You have no resume or LinkedIn profile for me to review.

 You’ve made no effort to acquire skills from part-time jobs or volunteer opportunities in order to build up the experience needed for your resume.

 You prefer to live inside your comfort zone.

 You don’t see the value in investing in yourself to increase your chances of landing a dream opportunity.

Ready to save yourself from hours of resume revisions and the sting of missed opportunities?

I have a limited number of 1:1 Resume Review sessions available each week. Be one of the next to flex your initiative muscle and sign up below. When you sign up you’ll get:

 A revamped resume and LinkedIn profile with suggested edits from my personal review.

 A 30 minute 1:1 coaching call with me to review my edits live and answer any questions you may have.

 Additional resume and LinkedIn resources to help you optimize your materials now, and in the future.

 Access to notes, and a recording of your coaching call for playback, via the private membership portal.


Bring your chaos and lack of clarity. Leave with a revamped resume and a healthy boost of confidence.